My Technology Design Cycle Report

Problem Identify

The problem is that Students can't access to their work when the teacher ask them. The work will be either at home or in the rubbish bin. For example sometimes I forgot my math book at home I couldn't do it but since we use ManageBac I can access those files anywhere. In some other school they don't have the tools we have if they forget something then that means there is no chance for them to finish their homework.

Design Brief

Your task is to investigate portfolios/e-portfolios and design,plan and create your own e-portfolio. To showcase your academic work and demonstrate your progress over the year and then evaluate the effectiveness of the product.

Definition of e-Portfolio

In general, an ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of information and digital artifacts that demonstrates development or evidences learning outcomes, skills or competencies. The process of producing an ePortfolio (writing, typing, recording etc.) usually requires the combination of ideas, reflection on achievements, self-awareness and forward planning; with the potential for educational, developmental or other benefits. Specific types of e-Portfolios can be defined in part by their purpose (such as presentation, application, reflection, assessment and personal development planning), pedagogic design, level of structure (intrinsic), duration (episodic or life-long) and other factors.

An e-Portfolio can be a web-based information management system that uses electronic media and services. The learner builds and maintains a digital repository of artifacts, which they can use to demonstrate competence and reflect on their learning. Having access to their records, digital repository, feedback and reflection students can achieve a greater understanding of their individual growth, career planning and CV building. Accreditation for prior and/or extra-curricular experiences and control over access makes the e-Portfolio a powerful tool.

Tesitng Methods

I will test my product by getting 5-10 classmate to check my product. That will happen sometimesSeptember 16 and 18. My classmates will evaluate my product by using following criteria.

Design Specification

The product I create must:

  • Be Free (Free Template)
  • Assessable (Smart Phone, Tablets, Laptop, etc.)
  • Be able to store work produce in all classes (Art, Music, P.E etc.)
  • Contain section/pages for MYP subject, MIA, C&S
  • Have a good homepage with Introduction and something about you, further more a photo of you.
  • Good name/URL
  • Be academic
  • Make it look organize (Divide into clear sections on each page)
  • Have a theme or style you go with
  • Have Pictures ( more than 1)

Portfolios - Who uses them and Why?

People use e-Portfolio because it use little physical space, also holds tons of information.

In a e-Portfolio students can add digital photo or video to show as evidence. Including the fact that while editing or creating people that uses e-Portfolios gain valuable computer skills.

Different Styles of Portfolios and E-Portfolios

There are 4 different types of Portfolios. The first one is "Development Portfolios", these type of portfolios are use for showing work over a period of time. Now the second type of Portfolios is the "Assessment Portfolios", it is use for evaluating or assessing a student work at the end of the course or year. Then the third one is "Showcase Portfolios", is normally done at the end of the year to demonstrate the skills and that you learn throughout the year. The last Portfolio type is the "Hybrid", it includes all the above (e.g assessment, showcase, and development). With portfolios it's rarely done in single type, portfolios are mostly hybrids.

Example of Student's E-Portfolio

A student would have an portfolio is to keep track of their work and what they have done past the year.