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March 30, 2020

Principal's Blog

Dear Kincaid Families,

Last week our staff attempted to practice hosting a ZOOM meeting for their students and families. Many staff contacted me following their first meeting with students and they were overjoyed to see your children. Students are our purpose in what we do. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Every class has three opportunities a week to meet as a class/grade level group. Notice the purple days include a specialist to the meeting. I meet with staff twice a day. First thing in the morning we meet and at the end of the day I have open office hours for staff. This new way of communicating with our families has been a huge learning curve for us and we know it is for you as well.

Be patient with us. We will make mistakes and we will learn from them together. Parents, please email me anytime. Email currently is the best way to reach me. I will have a twice a week "office hours" for families that want to stop in a Zoom Meeting to say hello or ask a question. I will send a link to the meeting with the principal in an email. The link will work every Monday and every Friday at 2:00. Every meeting we host is an optional meeting. This includes class meetings.

We hope you are able to join us often. This schedule for meetings will begin next week. We appreciate you and miss you!

Wendy Zorea

Principal Message to Kincaid Families

Kincaid Zoom Meeting Schedule

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Educational Resources

Starting Tuesday this week you will be given access to classroom resources. Everything teachers provide at this time is optional for participation. We understand that every family has a different schedule and different needs. Many parents or guardians are trying to juggle working from home while at the same time parenting and teaching. Juggling our Zoom schedules and online resources can be overwhelming for many. Please take a deep breath, and participate in ways that you can. If you find days or weeks that you were unable to to do any of the suggested activities, it is okay. We are not taking grades and we are not taking attendance. We are in an international crisis during this pandemic and completely understand the challenges our families are facing. I also want to remind families that many of our teachers are struggling too. You will probably meet a few pets, children, or other family members during your online meetings. We will all do our best during this strange time away from our school that we love.



PE Suggested Movement Activities

PE News!

Hello to all, I hope your finding ways to stay bust during our absence from school. I continue to see kids sledding and walking with your parents through the neighborhood, that’s awesome! I just want to touch base with everyone and let you know that we are thinking of you. I will list some websites for you to check out and get some ideas on exercise why you are at home. They are not a requirement but they do offer more things for you to do other than walking the dog.

However, walking the dog is great for both you and the dog.

My suggestions:

1. Walk the dog J

2. Go for a walk with your parents or siblings (With parent approval of course)

3. Go sledding

4. Play outside in the yard

5. Play games or workout in the garage, or your room.

Example exercises include:

- The ever-popular push-up

- The ever-popular sit-up

- Planks: Planks on forearms and toes. Do 2 times and see if you can hold for 1 minute each time

- Jump rope for 5 minutes

- Hula Hoop if you have one. Maybe if we get back to school we can still have a contest!

- Be creative! Work on skills that relate to what you like to play

Check out this site: *With parent approval

- #physed#kidsfitness#fitness

- Check out the 6 videos featuring the Avengers and the K-8 Circuit training. Some great ways to get the blood flowing.

- There are other things on this site as well, all kid oriented to give you some ways to stay active.

I will pop in on some of your Zoom meetings with your teachers and look forward to seeing all of your faces. I hope to answer some of your questions as well. I will also send more information in the future and hope to actually see you back at school soon.

Stay active and be Coyote Strong!

Mr. Akin and Mrs. Reale

Mrs. Holonics Public Service Announcement

Hunker Down: A Musical Coronavirus PSA

A Message From Our Superintendent

ASD Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop Message

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