Human Capital/ Soft Skills

Gracie Owen

Human Capital

Cheerleading: I have been cheerleding since i was in elementary school. I would like to try to get a scholarship for cheering.

Ride Horses: I grew up riding horses. I love horses, they are my favorite animals. I would like to try barrel racing in a rodeo.

Lay Rock: I learned how to lay rock when i was 9. Ever since then i have worked with my dad to lay rock. Because of this skill i have had many job opportunities to lay rock for other people.

Soft Skills

Honesty: I am a very honest person. I don't believe in lying. Lying is not right.

Respectful: I will respect you and your belongings only if you give me the same respect back.

Decision Making: I make my own decisions, wheither they are good or bad. Because i have mad some bad decisions i have learned from them, and now i know that i was wrong for that.