The Eklin Journal

January 28, 2016

Mark Your Calendars

Feb. 3- Late start Wednesday

Feb. 12- Jump Rope for Heart (in the morning)

Feb. 12- Valentine's Day Party (2:30-3:30 p.m.)

Feb. 15-16- No School, mid-winter break

Feb. 24- Late start Wednesday

March 1- Donuts with Dad (A-M)

March 2- Donuts with Dad (N-Z)

Reading News

This week the children were analyzing different structures of non-fiction text. This week we looked a sequential text. Students are asked to look for key words such as first, next, then, after that, finally or to look for other signals such as dates and times, seasons, and times of day.

Writing News

Most have printed their opinion essays and I have to say they are remarkably good for the first attempt in third grade! Students are being asked to organize writing into indented paragraphs for the first time. Using technology like Google Docs has been a huge help to children as they proof for spelling, capitalization and formatting. Let's face it- hitting the tab button is so much easier than rewriting a paragraph you forgot to indent.

We have taken advantage of both the computer lab and the Chromebook carts every day this week. Having portable devices to bring into our classroom has made such a difference. Thank-you to everyone who supported the Winter Carnival last year. Watching the children use the technology is the classroom just warms my heart!

We also found time to squeeze in a grammar lesson. Grammar Rule #11 introduced the children to the term possessive pronoun.

Cursive News

Congratulations to everyone in our class for earning their Cursive Writing License!! This is an important accomplishment. It allows the holder to write in cursive on any assignment. But just like a Driver's License, holders are subject to tickets and licenses can be suspended for carelessness and speeding through written tasks. (Yes, this has happened in year's past). Ask your child about his/her Cursive license. All students have completed our cursive writing books, learning all the the lowercase and uppercase letters. I suppose I should have started the children with learner's permits, but they really are the best cursive writers I have had in years and well deserving of privilege.

Math News

Multiplication and division strategies and patterns x3 were introduced this week. Students are encored to count by threes, or to think of 2 times a number then add on one more group. This strategy really works and helps the children calculate the products effectively.

We also looked at arrays as another way to represent multiplication and division equations. Students can visualize the product ( total amount of objects) and also see the different ways to make equal groups. It helps reveal both multiplication and division equations for a number.

Science News

Birthstone research has begun! The children are researching their birthstone as a gemstone. They are using the Chromebooks in the classroom to gather facts and photographs on onto a Google document that will be turned into a poster for display next week.

Social Studies News from Mrs. Boewe

We wrapped up our city research projects. They will be on display in the media center! We also created and filmed commercials representing different regions of Michigan. Watch for our YouTube premier soon! Check out our work below. We filmed our commercials with the help of Mr. Klenow and his student teacher. They taught us how to use a green screen!

Spelling News

Students worked with their words every day this week completing word hunts and writing their words in cursive! Students took the test on Thursday. These are graded and are in Friday folders today.

Valentine's Day News

Yes, February is just around the corner and students may already be planning their Valentine's Day boxes. Our tradition in 3rd grade is for students to decorate a Valentine's box at home. Students may bring in their Valentine's Day box anytime beginning Monday. We will store them in the classroom if you are an early bird!

Students are welcome to bring in Valentine's Day cards. It is not mandatory, however if you choose to send in cards please address one to each child in the class. Check out our class website for an up-to-date class list. Children will pass out cards just prior to our Valentine's Day Party.