Third Grade News from Mrs. C

April 27- May 1

Tidbits From the Teacher

We are moving back into our groove of a regular work schedule and constant thinking on new things around here! It feels so good to be back in the business of new learning since we were in review mode for two weeks.

We are putting everything back in place for the remainder of the year. Homework is still due on Fridays and will change from time to time. Be sure and check with your child about that each week.

Dates to Remember

April 30th: Kona Ice Day courtesy of the Sommer PTA!!

May 6th: Early Release Day

May 8th: Field Day (sign up to volunteer here!!)

May 20th: Economics Fair 8:30-10:30 in cafeteria

May 25th: No School Today

May 28th: Walking Field Trip to Olson Meadow Park

June 4th: Awards Ceremony 8-10 am

June 5th: End of Year Party and Last day of school


Homework is all about planning for the economics fair. Business plans, loan agreements, profit margins, etc. are all due by Friday.

There is a math component for my classroom mathematicians.

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading: We are working on Reader's Theatre this week. The class is split into two groups and each group is practicing a play. Performances will be on Friday. Everyone is working on fluency and expression to make their play interesting.

Writing: We are studying how the art of persuasion works on us. We'll be looking at a variety of print or media that tries to persuade us. We'll be creating posters to try and persuade the school to come to our Economics Fair. The class split into groups and created persuasive campaigns to try and talk me into giving them specific opportunities. I'm not saying they worked or didn't. Everyone will have to wait and see what happens during "Student Appreciation Week..."

Math: We are working on multiple step addition and subtraction problems with 3 and 4 digit numbers. We are also looking into financial literacy: spending, sharing, saving, how jobs impact salary earned, human capital, income earned... the list goes on!

Science: We are working on social studies and science simultaneously around here! In science, we are studying force and motion. Our main idea is that simple machines help get work done.