Jackie Robinson

The first african american Major League Baseball player

Full name: Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

Date of Birth, Location: January 31, 1919 Cairo, GA

Date of death, Location: October 24, 1972 Stanford, CT

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Jackie Robinson is best known for being the first African American player in the MLB( Major League Baseball). He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. What most people didn't know is that he not only played baseball, but in high school he was an all American and played football, basketball, and track. He changed MLB forever by being the first African American to play on an all white team. the struggles he faced was when he was growing up their family were sharecroppers. Another thing is his family was the only black family on their block. Finally he grew up with no father in the house. Three adjectives to describe him are courageous, inspiring, and talented.

by Nico Miszczanczuk

I got this information from www.jackierobinson.com