Taking time to sharpen our greatest tool...our minds

Take 20 minutes to purposefully consider the following and record one goal for yourself after doing so.

Believing and achieving

I hope student teaching is going well and you are living the dream you have prepared for over the last several years. Please watch the TED talk below and try to find a way to learn one item from Ms. Pierson. It is good stuff!

I look forward to seeing you in the next class and hearing how things are going. Be ready to share a story or two about your emerging professional life! A significant researcher in education is Robert Marzano. His research group has identified the following three key items as the highest yielding strategies to increase student achievement. Perhaps you want to consider using one or more of them and connect them to what Ms. Pierson hopes for you? You can find more about their work here (

1. Identifying similarities and differences (compare and contrast, classify information, metaphors, analogies, and drawings of concepts).

2. Summarizing and note taking (using their own words for quick writes, rewrites, and constructing graphic organizers).

3. Reinforcing effort and providing recognition (symbolic and tangible rewards; connect effort to achievement, display student work, and encourage the sharing of students' ideas).