Staff Weekly Update

Stonegate Elementary. 4/11/14. Semester 2, Issue 13.

CoreLink Testing

Well, scratch the message that was shared in our last Weekly Update. Martha Farley, our district testing coordinator, has received word that we will NOT be piloting the CoreLink assessment this spring.

Don't forget to submit...

nominations for our Stonegate Teacher of the Year and Someone Special Awards. We MUST receive all nominations by April 14th. Use the link if you still need to submit your nominations.

ZTEP Visits

Certified Staff: We (Connie & Aaron) will be visiting many of your classrooms this month as we finish up unannounced observations. We appreciate your continued focus on best practices, and please make sure to email us if you have any major changes to your schedule (especially USS Team educators). Thanks for all that you do!

PTO Wish List Input

We have around $8,000 allotted from PTO for Wish List items to be spent this school year. Before we make any recommendations, we would like your input on things that would best directly impact students (i.e. technology purchases, an artist in residence experience, etc.), which is always our goal when spending PTO funds. Please use this link to submit any input or ideas.

Curriculum Corner

Below are links to the Power Point presentations from Jim McMillan's coaching visit this week. Please use them as needed as a refresher or if you were unable to attend one of his optional sessions.

Collaboration Structures
SPRW (Say It, Play It, Relay It, Weigh It)
Yearlong Planning Guides (team coaching sessions)

Keep these dates on your radar...

Friday, April 11th

  • Pay Day Friday
  • 2nd Grade Market Day
  • NWEA Testing

Saturday, April 12th

  • Official E-Day #3

Monday, April 14th

  • E-Day #3 lessons due
  • School Safety Committee Meeting @ 8:05 a.m.
  • NWEA Testing

Tuesday, April 15th

  • Send E-Day #3 attendance to Alison
  • Grade Level/Team Meetings @ 8 a.m.
  • Steele Benefits Meeting for Staff @ 8:30 a.m.
  • NWEA Testing

    Wednesday, April 16th

    • 4th quarter midterm ends
    • NWEA Testing

      Thursday, April 17th

      • Post grades by 8:00 a.m.
      • 2nd Grade Academic RtI Meeting @ 8:00 a.m.
      • Kindergarten Round-up
      • PTO Staff Meeting
      • NWEA Testing

      Friday, April 18th

      • NWEA Testing

      Life Goals & Lifelines

      Treat people right and do the right thing...all day, every day.

      September - Respect
      October - Responsibility
      November - Cooperation
      December - Honesty
      January - Flexibility
      February - Perseverance
      March - Manners - to be respectful and show appreciation
      April - Self-control - exercising control over one's self
      May - Problem Solving