Sir Francis Bacon

Famous Person of the renaissance with the name of Bacon!


1.He was an author,philosopher and advocate of *active science*

2. At 12 he started college at trinity college in cambridge, england

3.He was a chief figure of the english renaissance.


1.He wrote the book called The Advancement of Learning it was then published in 1605.

2. Through his "Method of Induction" the secrets of the universe could be unlocked and used to benefit society.

Impact on Today

1. Made Advancements in the scientific method.

2. *Active Science* is the use of observation and experimentation.

Interesting Facts

1.1617 he became Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and in 1621 he became the Viscount St. Albans.

2.In 1621 his political career ended when he was charged with bribery.


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