The Hydra

By Garret Snitchler

Hydra's Family

It's mother is Echidna and father is Typhon. It has no children an no spouse.

Facts about the Hydra

I couldn't find a Roman name, it doesn't have a symbol, and it is mortal.

1. Every time it's head is chopped off, is grows two back in it's place.

2. It lived in the lake Lerna.

3. Heracles killed it.

4. It emits poisonous gas.

5. If the neck is blocked after a head is chopped off, the heads will not grow back.

6. It was raised by Hera to kill Heracles.

7. It's final head cannot be cut off normally.

8. Its blood is poisonous.

9. Hera turned the Hydra's dead body into a constellation.

10. Iolaus helped Heracles kill it.

I chose this monster because it's my favorite monster. This monster doesn't represent me or my personality at all.

Greek mythology: The labors of Hercules the Hydra of Lernea