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The size of batswana is 231,804 sq miles. In batswana Spring begins in august, low annual rain fall, and usally have hot days and cold nights. The natrual recources and recources are minerals, Energy, protected areas, and crops. The majior land forms are Atlantic ocean, indan ocean, oxavango, makgadikgadi pan, and kalahari. The kalahari desert is one of the biggest deserts in batswana. The majior citis are francistown, Ghanzi, Kanye, Khanzi, Maun, Mochudi village, Mochudi, Molepolole, Serowe, Tsabong, Tshabong.


1966-independents from great britian

1880s- threatend the peace of the region

1997-Pesident ketumile retierd

1965-Self-goverment began

1961- britian granted a constitution


Batswana feel a great pride in their history and government and share a strong sense of national identity. Any ethnic origins are usually considered as secondary.The term Batswana also refers to the largest ethnic group in the country – the Tswana, who make up around two-thirds of the population and speak Setswana.
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Botswana, officially the Republic of Botswana, is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. The citizens refer to themselves as "Botswana". Botswana takes place in a farm work company.


Since independents, Botswana has had the highest average economic growth rate in the world, averaging about 9% per year from 1966 to 1999. Growth in private sector employment has averaged about 10% per annum over the first 30 years of independence.

Top 5 places to visit

1: Chobe national park

2: Okavengo Delta

3: Tsodilo hills

4: nxai pan natinoal park

5:Tuli Block