BY Graham McNamee



This novel is a craftmens' master piece !

This best selling novel has 304 pages of spine tingling mystery and fast pace action!

“Evil takes different shapes,but it’s as real as rain''


Danny and his Dad are living in Harvest Cove, a very small place in Canada.In fact it is so small that on the map it does not even get a dot.During one of the coldest winters in years, both are trying to forget memories of Danny’s mother dying of cancer.One night Danny is attacked by a strange creature, which corners him and appears to sting him.From the very beginning, the thing stalking Danny is frightfully singular. Danny and his geeky friend Howie, who has also been stung, begin to change and share terrifying dreams. Eventually, Danny, Howie and two other friends, Pike and a girl named Ash, must learn more about this creature that has haunted the area for a thousand years.They must find a way to destroy it before they are killed and their souls enslaved.This book is a fine thriller that offers more than simple serial gore and pointless frights.

This story has a Mythological story line with a Mystery based theme

This story makes a close connection with my life......... Maybe too Close...

ok, first of all it really doesn't come that close . when I was little I

lived in a small town but it has it's spot on the map.I had two other friends AJ and Christian.As I came 2nd grade there was one particular kid in my class who bullied me for a week but it stopped for a long time but came back but around that time iiI realized that I did not have to take it anymore so I started ignoring him. After a while he stopped. This is like when Danny get injected with posion and slowly lost sanity . Even though he had a thousand voices in his head he learned to ignore them and ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Well if you are wondering why i spaced ------------------------------------------------ .out its because it's the best part of the story read to find out more.