Your SIG 2016 Planning Guide

From the Summer Institute for the Gifted

Congratulations on your child's acceptance to SIG 2016! This planning guide will help you through the process of making sure everything is in order before your child steps on campus for a SIG-nificant summer!
Welcome to Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)! Accepted Students 2016

SIG Student Portal: Your Resource for Information & Enrollment To-Dos

The SIG student portal provides you with the most easy, convenient, and secure way to access program information and complete required enrollment information, as well as make payments. We encourage you to check the site often for new information and messages.

Logging in is easy! Go to, click on the login button (top right hand side of the page), enter your student ID and password.

Enrollment & Information Timeline:

Now: Select your course schedule - Select your first choice class, as well as one alternate per period (if you haven't already done so).

Now: Your enrollment deposit ( is due within 2 weeks of your acceptance notification.

Now: Check your To-Do Section (not all items are mandatory).

Two Months Prior: Complete Your health profile (you will receive an email with instructions on activating your account). Remember your child will need to have a current physical on file - so make those appointments early!

Two Months Prior: Complete your travel plan (let us know how your child will be arriving to and departing from campus) - Residential students only

45 Days Prior: Final Payment Due (

One Month Prior: Check the Document Library for Arrival / Orientation Day Information, and review the Student Handbook. Complete your To-Dos!

One Week Prior: Check the Student Log In Site for new messages and information.

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