Shadow Children

Character Descripsion

The main character is luke he is about 12 years old. He's very pail and has 1 friend. Hes scared of everything, he has to hide and he's not aloud to go out or he can be in big trouble. The other main character is Jen shes the same age as luke. She has to hide but shes not scared, she still goes out and shes brave not scared of anything, she isn't shy and is very tough.

Plot Summary

Luke was born but there was a law that you could not have 3 children, so he had to stay hidden or they could be in a lot of trouble. So everyday luke would stay in the adic. He would just look out the window and one day he saw something move the curtain and he though it could be another 3rd child. He wanted to go check but he thought about all the danger out there. So he decighted to go when everyone went to work and his dad was out working on the farm. He ran and he felt so free , once he got to the house he couldn't get in so he just broke the glass and the alarm went off and Jen tackled him and he was right there was another 3rd child. She asked why he was there and he told her so she got calm, and turned off the alarm. They became good friends. He would try to go to her house as much as he could, she showed him the group chat on the computer with all the 3rd children and she gave him books to read. Luke was so happy he had a friend but he was also sad that he couldn't tell his family about her. One day when he went over there she told him about a rally about all the 3rd children going to the presidents house to protest and to fight for freedom , she told him a lot of people are going and asked if he wanted to but he said no he was to scared to go. So she got mad and told him to leave. He didn't go back to her house, but then the night before the rally Luke heard someone coming up the stairs and it was Jen she came to say goodbye. About a week later he found out Jen was dead and so were all the other kids.


The conflict is that people can only have two children, and there's lots of 3rd children. Like Luke and Jen they want to go out and live there life but they can't they have to stay hidden.

Title Explanation

The title is Among the Hidden becuase its about 3rd children that have to stay hidden or they can get in big trouble if they get caught. So its called that because they are hidden children.

Book Review

I loved the book it was so interesting and it was a good topic to write about. I think what he could have done to make it better is have Jen not die and let the law pass i feel like that would be better to the story.