Stop the War!!

Stop the Lies!

The Citizens Speak their Minds

The following is a heartfelt letter to the writer of The Dead:

I do not agree with the way you portray the war. In some ways, yes you are correct in how greater things are brought as a result of the war. However, I do not think of war as a sweet event, and it should not be joyful to talk about youths dying in the war for a greater cause. It may not be better to discuss the gruesome nature of the war, but it should not be portrayed like it is in The Dead, as it could brainwash the people of society to continue to support unnecessary wars that are centered around greed and power.

-A concerned citizen

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The Lies Have Gone Too Far

The following is the opinion of a citizen on the war. This is how people feel about what is going on, and the anger is expressed in this excerpt:

Personally, I think people should know the truth about the war. The lies of how sweet and honorable it is should not continue. Sure, it is an honorable and noble deed to serve in the war, but before you go preaching about the beauty of it all, refer yourself to Dulce Et Decorum Est and you will understand. The war is brutal, cruel, and painful. Most of the people who go to war either come back with terrible mental issues (ex. PTSD, Shell Shock), or don't come back at all. Is that so sweet and seemly? It doesn't seem that way to me, and I think that if you want people to join the army you should be sure that they know exactly what they're getting into instead of creating some crazy nationalistic lie to get them excited to embark upon the dreadful journey that is the war.

-The Citizens of America

World War One Video (For School)

The Facts

The First World War involved millions of casualties. This was due to the introduction of many new and deadly weapons. Poison gas was used to annihilate thousands at a time. Machine guns were introduced. The arms race was at its peak, and every country was strongly supporting the cause. It is a war fueled by lies, and the massive deaths are seen as honorable and they still continue to send men out to battle. It is sick, and they should focus more on stopping the war than continuing it.

Aside from the countless deaths of the war, some aren't so lucky, and come home with permanent mental illnesses. These include things like PTSD, which can cause a person to just lose it randomly if they encounter a "trigger". Also, shell shock is a common mental problem experienced by those who were in the war. This is caused by the massive trench warfare, where bombs are constantly being propelled at people fighting in trenches. Because of this, they go home and can't handle loud noises without having a terrible mental attack. They have to live with these issues for the rest of their lives, and for what? What is really being accomplished in this war? Maybe we are showing our strength, and maybe we are gaining territory that we don't need, but is it worth it? Ask yourselves that, my fellow citizens. Would you go to war for your country, or would you rather sit back and support others going to war? Please reconsider your attitudes, as the war needs to be stopped immediately.