Ronald Reagan

Reagan, the cold war, and the soviet union

who is Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the president of the U.S, He was the leader with Gorbahev and Bush during the cold war.

what did he do

Reagan,Gorbachev, and Bush were leaders in the cold war and because of that the war came to an end, He said " A hard line would not work with the soviet union." he also said " we have to make them understand that we're not out to get them."

Where did this happen.

Reagan was elected and served as the 40th president from 1981-1989 occurred in the United States. This is important because these was crucial years in american history.

When did this occur ?

Ronald Reagan served through 1981-1989. ?his first year being president he thought that he could discern 'the first cracks" in the soviet union.

Why and how did he do it

Ronald Reagan was important because he, along with allies, was able to end the cold war. He stood against the soviet union calling it the "evil empire". He was able to make a line destruction of the Berlin wall. Also, Reagan helped with nuclear weapon cuts.
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