Come to the Southern Colonies!

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Founding and Settlement

With each colony founded for different reasons, there is something for every settler in the Southern Colonies. Whether it is gold, religious freedom, or even land for growing crops, all five of the colonies have something to provide. Even Georgia has a unqiue purpose: to act as a buffer for the colonies and Florida. There is a wide variety of people who have settled in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Many came for their right to worship in whatever way they wanted, especially the Catholics. Farmers and those interested in natural resources fell in love with these colonies.

Geography & Town Development

These colonies are known for their cool or mild winters and humid summers. Mountains, hills, and rivers cover the areas, but there are also flat areas that are very good for growing crops. Towns may include tiny village-like areas as well as larger cities like Annapolis, Richmond, Raleigh, Savannah, and Columbia.

Government and Economy

All of the Southern colonies live with governors, with the majority having governors appointed by royalty back in England, a major downside to the colonies trying to be more independent. The Virginia House of Burgesses was a legislative assemble started by George Yeardly, the governor at the time, in 1619. Most economical endeavors involve agriculture but also lumber, tar, furs, cattle, and turpentine. Beware, if you move to these colonies, everything you produce MUST be sold back to England!

Ethnic, Religious, and Education Issues

Ethnic Issues- slaves make up the largest racial group

Education Issues- Boys are homeschooled by tutors and will go to college once they reached the proper age; girls receive no education and learn to tend the homes

Religious Issues- Most people are Anglican, but put more faith in crops than God

Interaction With Native Peoples

The relationship with Native Americans is not good here in the colonies. Wars are fought with them, and colonists have begun taking the natives as slaves. It is often dangerous for the settlers here!

Important Sights and Events

Within the colonies, there is the Plantation Duty Act, which is in place to prevent the smuggling of objects that are banned from being smuggled in. However, this act led to Culpeper's Rebellion in North Carolina as John Culpeper did not agree with this act. Other important sights/events/people include the Yamasee War, James Oglethorpe, and a fantastic speech by Patrick Henry.