New York

The Dutch Colony

Preview into the Colony

The colony was founded by the Dutch. New York was originally called New Amsterdam by the Dutch. New York wasn't founded on purpose they were trying to find a sea route to the West Indies for trade and treasure. The economy was based off of fur and goods trade with the Native Americans.

Who Founded New York?

The Dutch landed in New York and founded the colony of New York.

Why was the colony founded?

The Dutch were trying to find a sea route to the West Indies, trying to find treasures and spices but instead they but bumped into North America instead.

The Geography of New Amsterdam the Colony

The colony had and still has in present day many farms, forests, rivers, mountains and lakes.

The Economy of the Colony

The Natives gave them animal skins for new technology items and common goods from the Netherlands and other countries in Europe,

The Government Of the Colony

Since the Dutch didn't have their ruler they had to govern themselves but soon after the English took over the colony and the laws became what the English laws were.


Most people in the Netherlands or the dutch colony were atheists. but others were Roman Catholic, Islamic and Protestants.