Media Literate: Our Key To Society

Media Literacy is something that we do in our everyday society. Media is something that we find in our computers, television, phone, and radio. Literacy to me is plain and simple. Literacy to me is reading. Together we have Media Literacy. So we read what we see on our computers, television, and phone. Media Literacy is a new way of how we live. To do our jobs we read what we see on our technology. Does it mean that we won’t be able to read in our magazines? No, we still carry on journals. In the 21st century we have gone far with our technology. Being able to read off of technology brings our generation to great joy. Reasoning for that is because we are able to use something that we are connected too. As if it’s another language to our fingertips. With Media Literacy we are able to be able to really use our skills of technology and take it to another level. With Media Literacy we are able to use it wisely as we go into college. With Media Literacy we are able to express ourselves with technology we have been familiar with. Media Literacy to me allows us to play safe in the big world of technology. With this class we are able to play smart and know what we need to do as students. This class allows us to stay away from dangers of bad media. So you ask what does it mean to be media literate? Media Literate to me is playing safe and having fun with technology we love.

Going All The Way

Coca-Cola commercial Going All The Way explains t an underdog high school player who was pulled off the bench and scored a touchdown in his first play on the field. He keeps running past the end zone, all the way to the home of the Packers, Lambeaugh Field. Coca-Cola supports their assertion by illustrating that anyone can make an impact in the game. A starter can’t always be a five star player. Coca-Cola purpose in this commercial is to point out that anyone can play the game of football and win the game. Coca-Cola shows in a humorous tone for athletes and people who want to be an athlete.

Artist Top Chart

Artist Hits Top Charts

Herbert Lewis, Staff Reporter

Entertainment; May 1, 2014

ATLANTA- This young “talented” artist has made hit single “Something about you girl” top charts for 23 weeks straight. According to the YouTube description singer Ice JJ Fish is “comparable to the second coming of Jesus…maybe even 2pac.” Even major music industries such as Young Money have signed Ice JJ Fish with a whopping offer of $3 million dollars. Major news networks have found room to fit this “sensational” in the program, after a story of a family who is looking to raise suicide awareness. Ice JJ Fish posting his number one hit “Dance On The Floor” on February 6, 2014 not expecting such an overwhelming amount of fans having 20,961,597 views.

“It’s an honor!” she tells one of our reporters, “I am just proud of my singing and for all of the ladies that love my music. I knew since the age of six that I will be a famous singer and look where I am now!”

This amazing video out beat the following videos:

· The Original Grumpy Cat

· USA for Africa “We Are The World”

· Dan Savage’s vlog “It Gets Better” movement against gay bullying

Ice JJ Fish tell our reporter that in 5 years he sees himself as a billionaire because of his music.

49% of Youtube views are wasted on videos such as parodies, covers, and pet videos. Only half of these users have watched protesting videdos that promote change.

Ice JJ Fish views continue to climb breaking an endless number of records

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Muse - Uprising

1984 Soundtrack

In 1984 they lived in a dystopian society controlling the citizen’s mind and thoughts, invented languages called Newspeak, and people’s history. Winston Smith is a low-ranking member of the ruling party in London. Everywhere he went he was being watched through telescreens. Uprising by Muse is a beautiful illustration of the story and what Winston believed. In the song Muse captivates a hard hitting chorus saying “They will not force us, they will stop degrading us, they will not control us, and we will be victorious. That is exactly what Winston believed in. He wanted to put an end to this dystopian party.


Media Literacy has taught me a whole new meaning to this class. Not only does it take place in just our technology but also our thinking. The amount of thought we put in an invention, a thought, an idea allows us to go beyond our understanding of our skill as being a writer. We rely on technology for answers and opinions to know about our society and our world. We go online to find information and understanding to our world that we still don’t know to this day. Also knowing that our technology could be monitored and we don’t even know it. Therefore it is important to monitor what we post out into the world. The 21st century has vastly increased with the amount of ideas we put into our knowledge. In this class I have learned how to correctly use satire and précis. As well as annotating a diagram, explaining or commenting about a text. Taking what I know now and apply to my college classes puts me ahead of an understanding of writing and annotating pristinely. Being in this class is very different, allowing technology and Language Arts together was something very appealing. It’s like having another language to our fingertips. Allowing old English and the future to take place together engages people who love using technology. Using Schoology was a great idea to use to systematically allow ourselves to do classwork in this class. In order to make this class more enjoyable is to be taught in a computer lab as a whole or at least once a week. If we want to make this class as an actual media literacy class we should be able to use more technology time. As well as using more current event with technology today and where it is taking us into the future.