Teaching and Learning Bulletin

Issue 7

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! Today we will continue to look at how we could use SOLO taxonomy to help us plan sequences of lessons. Last time, we looked at the different stages in SOLO taxonomy. Now we move on to look at what's called 'HOT Maps'. There are different maps, created by Pam Hook, which are graphic organisers to help students transfer their ideas and knowledge onto paper (or iPad!). Once students get used to using them, it's amazing how quickly they can transfer the skill across different subjects. All departments can use the same HOT maps, regardless of the knowledge being imparted to students.

First hotmap: Define

Second hotmap: Describe

Third map: Sequence

Fourth map: Classify

Fifth map: Cause and Effect

Sixth map: Compare and Contrast

Seventh map: Analysis

Eight map: Evaluation

Ninth map: Predict

Tenth map: Generalise

Below are three examples of teachers using SOLO hotmaps with their classes. Have a read!