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For the week of September 20-September 24


  • 2-dimensional shape classification test Tuesday or Wednesday!
  • There will be a substitute in my room Thursday afternoon. I will be in the building (most likely across the hall from our room).

Week 5 Highlights!

Math: We spent this week comparing and contrasting attributes of 2-dimensional polygons, particularly quadrilaterals. We had great discussions as to whether a square is a rhombus or is a rhombus a square, and so forth. We created a foldable to add to our interactive math notebook for which students can use to help them study the attributes.

Reading/Writing: We are talking about growing as readers and how to improve our writing to what we're reading. We started the book Sign of the Beaver this week and listed several ideas throughout the first couple of chapters in the book. From those ideas we narrowed our focus to an idea that mattered the most to us at this point. For a visual, we wrote that idea on a flower pot and then "grew" other ideas from the original idea. Kids needed to model that with their own independent reading books.

We also examined the author's actual words and discussed that authors use specific words/vices to connect to their audience. Students modeled from their own library books quotes that resonated with them and then wrote three ideas/wonderings/questions related to the author's actual words.

We have some room to improve on our reading and writing stamina in class and I encourage all students to push themselves a little farther with their written responses. It's still early, but if I don't push them, I'm not doing my job.

Social Studies:
We started studying the regions this week, beginning with the Northeast region. We applied a couple of reading strategies and students really took charge of their learning. We really focused on determining importance and used the word by word strategy in which once students determined what they felt was important in each section of the Northeast reading passage, they then extrapolated 2 or 3 words which had to be side by side to really narrow in on what was most important for that section.

We are in the very early stages of our matter unit. We introduced it by learning that matter is anything that has mass and takes up space and that matter exists primarily in 3 states: solids, liquids, and gases. Students explored a science Gizmo, which is a hands-on learning tool giving kids to explore a variety of topics in math and science. This week's science Gizmo was "Weight and Mass," which are two properties of matter. They can access Gizmos at home...they have their usernames and passwords in the front of their planner...have them show you what they've been working on!

Next Week:

Learning in full force...

Math: test over shape classification
Reading: writing narratives with effective leads
Social Studies: wrap up the Northeast region; begin Southeast region
Science: We will continue with scientific inquiry focusing on states of matter content.

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