Eagle's Eye View

Growing Juntos

Week at a Glance 10-12-15 to 10-16-15

ZIS Vision: One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities

ZIS Mission: We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a global society.

Instructional Focus: The SIOP Model in ALL classrooms. Please, por favor, PLEASE review, use, and reflect upon the components of SIOP and continue conversations within your grade level meetings during your common planning times. I believe in you and I believe in your desire to educate all children while meeting them where they are.

Lunes - LOD is Spanish

  • Dr. Gist MIGHT come today.
  • Columbus Day (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/on-columbus-day-more-cities-recognizing-native-americans/) This is a pretty cool article.
  • Thanksgiving for Canada
  • Day of the Race in Mexico
  • Today we will have our Weekly Gathering from 3:45-4:30. We will meet as a whole group in the library.
  • Remind me that we need to all discuss what we want for our Multicultural Fair for the 14th. We can discuss this at the very end of our Weekly Gathering Meeting.
  • Zumba today from 4:30-5:30 (to make up for the days we are losing)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias

Martes - LOD is English

  • Dr. Gist MIGHT come today.
  • Be awesome because you are awesome!
  • Jessica Haight will be coming to visit with me today from 8:30 to 11:30.
  • Zumba will be from 4:30 - 5:30
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Miércoles - LOD is Spanish

  • Dr. Gist MIGHT come today.
  • JEAN DAY!!! Wear a multicultural shirt if you want. Or just something that has Spanish print on it...or something form your home university. Or a Zarrow shirt. Anything you want today! (But, don't get crazy! LOL!)
  • Multicultural Fair and morning assembly (#superexcited!) Please, invite all parents of students who will be participating in the morning assembly. Gracias.
  • Zumba will be from 4:30-5:30 (We may or may not have Zumba this day...decision is TBA)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.

Jueves - LOD is English

  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Viernes - LOD is Spanish

  • National Boss' Day (You all are the best bosses. I mean that, too. You're never "just" a teacher. We lead together. So, happy Boss' Day to YOU!)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.
  • Online gradebook

    An updated and accurate grade book is an invaluable tool for all educators. It is expected that grade books will be updated on a weekly basis. Please perform a gradebook report on PowerSchool each Friday to ensure grades are not lost when report cards go out. TPS policy requires a minimum of:

    · 2 grades per week for Reading

    · 2 grades per week for Math

    · 1 grade per week for Social Studies

    · 1 grade per week for Science.

    · 4 grades per quarter for Specials subjects

    · Grades from library projects will be infused into the grade book of the subject it is covering as needed.

    Have a GREAT WEEK! You are the best of the best, and I am blessed to be with such great professionals like YOU! This is the best school in the nation!

Teacher of the Week

El Orgullo de Zarrow

Drum roll please... This week's Maestro of the Week is................................

Srta. Primo!!!!!!!!!! You get the Principal's parking space for the entire week. (I'll do this for everyone when it's your week.)

Although this is a random drawing I'd like to point out this teacher's strengths. Srta. Primo, as you all know, is one of, if not the most, happiest person ever! She adds such a positive energy to our school and I admire her for this reason, as well as many more! She is ALWAYS supportive, happy, helpful, professional, and just a genuine joy! She only comes to school/work to help students learn, to learn herself, and to be there for others. This wonderful teacher has enriched my life so much and has inspired me to be a better person and principal.

Srta. Primo, no tengo palabras suficientes pero sí, quiero que sepa una cosa: Tiene que entender que su presencia en nuestra escuela crea una motivación que nadie puede explicar. Gracias por ser tan linda siempre y gracias por crear un ambiente muy positivo. Espero ser más como usted.

*So, since this is a short week I want to make up for the two days that Srta. Primo will not be able to park in the parking spot. So, Srta. Primo can wear jeans all week if she wants.

Zarrow International Elementary School

One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities