Guns in our society

How do guns impact our society?

All about me!

My name is Carlos Perez and I am a high school student at F.L Schlagle high school. I have lived in Kansas my whole life. I enjoy listening to music and working alone. My favorite game is Counter Strike Global Offense.

Do guns kill people ro Do people kill each other?

I have lived in Kansas city my whole life and I though it was a very peaceful area. Last year my cousin was driving home from a holiday party and she was shot. The suspect shot at her nine times but only hit her once. She was shot in her right arm. There was not much damage done to her arm but it made me think if the law did not allow guns this might have not happened. Then I realized that even if the suspect did not have a gun he still had the intent to kill so he would have found another way to do it.

My Goals

The president has been pushing for new laws on gun control in 2016. Obama proposed that every one that wants to sale guns needs to get a federal license to do so and get a background check. This applies to gun shows and online sellers. I hope to learn why people believe that guns are the cause for everything wrong with the world today. I hope that out of my research people realize that they are tackling the problem at the wrong area. I'm not a gun nut but I believe that adding laws against guns will solve nothing.

My Process

There are guns all over the world but the problem seems to be only at our door step. According to the article "Are Guns America's Biggest Problem?", "The availability of guns seems to be a problem in our country, but not a problem in others" This goes to show that guns are not the problem but the people who have them. Yes, guns make it easier to kill but killing is not only a action but an idea. As long as people want to kill they will kill no matter the method.
Not everyone that owns a gun wants to use it for crime. According to a article "

Shaneen Allen, race and gun control", "Had she been in Pennsylvania, having the gun in the car would have been perfectly legal. But Allen was pulled over in New Jersey, home to some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States." The law is their to protect Americans from guns but it's also putting innocent people behind bars. For some reason people believe that putting more laws on guns will fix the problem but it just causes more issues for the American people

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Guns can not be blamed for the people that misuse them.
Guns don't kill people retarded idiots do
This show how ignorent people are towards guns. Yes, this might not be all the people that own guns but the provides more than enough evidence to show that people are the issue not the weapon.