4HA Weekly News

8th November 2013

Dear parents,

It is always great when other teachers see the wonderful things we are doing in class. This week, Mr. Gaylord was able to visit our classroom and observe part of a lesson. He later reflected on how well the children were working and how enthusiastically they went about their work. It reminded me what a fantastic team we are, and I am inspired by the willing and hardworking attitude of the children in 4HA!

We visited our buddy class, 1P, on Tuesday afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed working with their buddies and getting to know each other. We can't wait until next time!

Buddy Class Photos

Our Studies

Language Arts

In our reading and writing this week, we have read newspapers, and examined their content. We have considered the layout and language of newspapers, as well as their purpose. We will continue to work on our own newspaper next week, by further reading, researching and interviewing for exclusive stories!

Our guided reading groups have worked very well this week, and the children are all showing great motivation and team working skills during guided reading sessions.


We did a lot of dividing this week! We discussed different strategies for dividing larger numbers by a 1-digit number, and practiced using these on a variety of problems. We also began using http://www.sumdog.com to consolidate our general skills in math. I was impressed by the effort the children put into completing Sumdog challenges, I know the game-style format of the site certainly boosted their enthusiasm!

Next week, we will continue our multiplication and division unit by introducing, discussing and solving some real-world multiplication and division problems. These problems will really give children the chance to use the skills they have been learning and practicing!


We have already begun to work on our chapel performance, to be held on 21st November, and this week we will be trying really hard to get all lines learned and practice acting the scenes. We will also film and edit some parts with special effects! Ms. Carpenter will be coming in to class to help us with this. It's going to be excellent!


- For our chapel, we still need to borrow a couple of stuffed lion toys for our scene in the lions' den. If anyone has an Action Man or Ken doll, that would also be very useful!

- Almost all children have now brought in earphones/headphones to use with their computers. It is important to have these, especially for the typing, audio book and spelling activities we do, as they rely on sound.

-For your information, next week we will be choosing a 4HA representative for the ES Student Council. I will discuss this with the class on Monday, and children who are interested will have the opportunity to prepare a short speech to be delivered only to our class. After speeches, we will vote for our class representative. If your child wishes to prepare a speech, please support this process.

The mystery of the Prince George Award...

As I was in a meeting on Friday afternoon, when the Prince George Award was given, I don't know who won it! I have asked the children who won, via Edmodo, but nobody has replied yet. So, where is Prince George now? It's a mystery!