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September 6, 2015

Framing the lesson

An expectation for all of us is to be very clear about what we expect our students to learn. If I share something with you during staff development, I should tell you what we will be learning about and what you should be able to do. In the same way, you need to tell your students what they are expected to know and be able to do when your lesson is finished.

I can statements, which are included in most of the curriculum documents, provide a good starting place for sharing that expectation. Every lesson, whether whole group or small, should start with where you hope students to be when you finish.

The research is very clear: providing an ending destination increases the effectiveness of your instruction. Don't handicap your students by forgetting to share with them where you are going- just because it's clear in your head doesn't mean it's clear to them!


Don't forget to get your PLP submitted ASAP. There was a deadline in June, but many brains may have turned to mush after we left for the summer, so if you haven't yet gotten it done, please do so by this Friday. After that, I'll start contacting you individually to talk about your plan.

Reflections information

  1. 2015 - 2016 Theme - LET YOUR IMAGINATION FLY
  2. 6 categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, Visual Arts
  3. Primary Division: Preschool - Grade 2 / Intermediate Division: Grade 3 - 5
  4. Deadline for Glenhope entries is on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2015 by 2:45 pm.
  5. Entries are to be submitted to the Glenhope front office.

There are 2 different Reflections packets. The first one is a more general information packet that provides an overview of the program. The second packet has all the information including the entry forms that have to be completed once they've decided to enter. You needed to know this so when students ask questions, you'll be able to explain the differences.

This is a link to the more detailed packet if you have students that know they want to submit entries: http://www.glenhopepta.org

I hope you'll encourage students to participate. It can be a great experience.


The Science materials in STEMScOPES are available now! That is a terrific science resource, and if you haven't utilized it in the past, you want to be sure and do so. Both students and teachers will use their network log ins to access STEMscopes by navigating to arms.gcisd.net. Once signed in, click on Applications, on the left hand side. Clicking on the STEMscopes icon will take you directly to the site you are use to seeing.

Traffic video

In case you're interested in seeing the changes that we'll be making. BTW, thanks to Will and Linda who were using Doceri in their class where I got the idea to use that for the video!

In the video following the traffic link, Colleen has created a Doceri video for students to watch explaining how to use it. I thought you might want to download and have available for students so that you don't have to keep repeating directions! She also included one for teachers. Thanks, Colleen, for sharing!

Glenhope traffic
student Doceri Tutorial
Teacher Doceri Tutorial

A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

...a team of people who worked exhaustively on a serious emotional issue involving a student and for their willingness to go above and beyond to meet that students' needs.

....a learning liaison whose sole desire is to help teachers.

....an assistant principal who pushes herself to grow even when it's hard work.

...a front office staff who handle so many tasks (well) without complaining.

....Molly, Lauri, Amber and Julie Nell who do lunch duty so teachers can eat together and discuss instruction during lunch.

....those who have new team members and have been patient, encouraging and supportive through the beginning of the year whirlwind.

...the level of talent exhibited throughout this building. It's amazing.

Ed Foundation

The Education Foundation has been a huge supporter of Glenhope and the other campuses in GCISD. You'll recall that several teachers received grants last spring to go to training that the Ed Foundation paid for, and we have also gotten grants for science, Gatorville and literacy in the past.

We've had two free jeans day Fridays to start the year. Beginning this next Friday, if you want to wear jeans each week you'll need to contribute to the Education Foundation. We're on the honor system, but I want you to seriously consider your contribution to the Foundation. If it's worth at least $1 on Friday to wear jeans, that's about $30 for a year's worth of Friday jeans. For some of you, it's worth much more than $1, so please consider giving generously. Marnie will be handling the forms, and they will be in your boxes Tuesday.

This week:

Tuesday, September 8

Mirror 360 at 3:00 in library

CMT in conference room immediately following

Wednesday, September 9

Thursday, September 10

ASPIRE Academy Curriculum night

Friday, September 11

Spirit Lunch- Which wich