NJHS Induction Ceremony

Friday, October 19 6:30 PM

Please meet in the Fellowship Hall by 6:15 PM to line up.

Remember to wear nice clothes. Boys: Wear a button-down shirt or collared shirt. Nice pants, no jeans. Girls: Wear a skirt or dress or nice pants.


1. I hope your child has explained the pinning part of the ceremony. When I call your child up to sign the register, you and your child will come up together. I will hand you a pin to put on your child's shirt/dress. Hugs are encouraged at this point! :-) I will also give you the membership card, certificate, pen and pencil to hold for your child.

2. After the ceremony, Miss Schultz will take photos for the yearbook and website. When she is done, then you may take photos of the group.

3. When photos are done, then everyone is invited to a receiving line and reception in the Fellowship Hall.