Changing The Rules

(Hats in Middle School)

Wearing hats to cover things that dont want to be seen

Everyone has had a bad hair day and with a hat, students could wear it to prevent getting picked on, beacause of a bad hair day or a bump they got on thier head when they were born. This prevents bullying in school.

Expressing Yourself Through Hats

Most kids wear hats to express their personality and character. Most hats are worn to show what sports team they like or what band they enjoy etc. My brother, for example, has a couple hats and most of them are basketball teams and one of them is a football team.

Adults perspective

Adults think that students will wear inoppropriate or disrespectful hats so they take the privilege away. Although,kids dont make a ton of money, and the hats that are "popular" today cost $40 dollars or more! If they were to get a hat their parents would be the ones to buy it.Their parents dont want their kids to wear disrespectful hats so the hats they would get would be "clean". Even if the students did have the money they worked hard for most of it which shows they responsibility the have, so the hats they would buy would be "clean" as well.


I encourage students to talk to their principal or another teacher about what I have told you, and try to change this rule. Hats are worn to cover things that dont want to be seen, show opinion or personallity, and the fact that their parents buy hats for them!I belive we should be given the chance to wear hats then take the privalage away, if there is a problem, not just take the privalage away without giving us a chance.Hats should be allowed to prevent less trouble for teachers and students.