Come To My Yard Sale

By:Gabriella Banaag (Not Real Yard Sale) Ban14339


Everyone that is available can come to get the best and most popular toys. You can come now and buy your favorite toy for a low price. COME NOW!!!

Everyone can come even them ---------------------------------------------------->


Come to our yard sale!!! It would be great to go because of our awesome prices. The prices are 10-20 dollars. We have a lot of things and for great prices come quick before all the items are gone!
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When and Where

You should come between 9:00 pm- 2:30 pm. This takes place on March 22. You should come at 9:00 because all the good things will be taken and all the things that would be there are boxes and price tags! You can also come to this place at 76 Monroe avenue Edison NJ

Why should kids ages 6-12 would like to come

Kids that are 6-12 would like to come for our great things we sell. If I were you and it was March 22 and it it is past 9:00am but before 2:30pm I would start driving to 76 Monroe Ave Edison NJ

Why should adults like to come

Adults you would like to come to this amazing yard sale because you might be interested in low price furniture like a bungee chair!!!

Why pets should come

Pet owners can come here and find many items for a dog, cat, and a fish and other pets. You can come for pet toys and other things for a low price at the yard sale!!!

why should teenagers come

teenagers come to the yard sale to to find many toys and other things that they might like. And do not forget how low these prices are!!!

Last thing

I hope you come to this yard sale it is a great place and there is many other things I can say, I hope you come to the greatest yard sale ever. If you come and you are the first one you are lucky everything is not gone