About Valjevo


Valjevo has lately been a very popular destination because it has a very favorable geographical location, abundant cultural heritage, attractive nature, a number of monasteries, and thus offers various types of tourism: educational, religious, adventure, excursion, and especially rural tourism. Rural tourism is important for the revival of villages that have recently been abandoned.

Accommodation and food

Residents of Valjevo are very hospitable, and the food and accommodation can be found at very reasonable prices, so when someone comes once, the rule is they will come the second time. The prices of hostel accommodation in the centre are around 2500 dinars, and those of rural households range from 600 to 1000 dinars. Meal prices are from 200 to 500 dinars and on the menu are mainly traditional Serbian dishes, such as gibanica cheese pie, flat bread with kajmak cream, roasted potatoes and corn bread. They sure should be tried. Prices in cafes in the city center are also very affordable. The price of coffee is 50 dinars on average and Valjevo beer is 100 dinars.

Rural households nearby Valjevo are: Jovanovic household - Popučke, Mile Obradovic household - Podbukovi, Stepanović household – Suvodanje and Lukic household - Petnica. In the city centre, there are boarding houses Bubica and Pansion and hotels Grand and Narcis.


Valjevo has amazing nature. It is located in a valley and surrounded by five mountains (Medvednik, Jablanik, Suvobor, Povlen, Maljen), and traversed by four rivers - Jablanica, Obnica, Kolubara and Gradac. Gradac is the purest and most popular river and extremely attractive to tourists. Its water can be drunk directly, and it is famous for its sport fishing (fly fishing). Mountains are known for hikers and cyclists. A bike trail that stands out from the rest is the one from Rajac to Ljubovija, and it is always worth a visit. In the surroundings of Valjevo there are Petničko lake and pools that are very visited in the summer season, and in their the vicinity is Petnica Science Center for alternative education of secondary school students.


Valjevo is a city that is known for its cultural and historical heritage. In the center are the National Museum and the Muselim’s Residence, Historical Archive, the International Art Studio "Radovan Mića Trnavac", Modern Gallery, Valjevo Grammar School, monuments of Desanka Maksimovic, Zivojin Misic, Vuk Karadzic and Stevan Filipovic, old Turkish bazaar -Tesnjar, Nenadovic Tower, and numerous monasteries: Celije (Cells), Lelic, Pustinja (Desert) and Jovanja.


Valjevo is a host to a large number of events:

1. International Folklore Festival "Golden opanak", April

2. Extreme Sports Camp in Valjevo mountains: "Adventure Race", April-May, Wild Serbia

3. Egg Tapping, Easter, Oglađenovac village

4. Folklore Festival: "Small Opanak Shoe", May, Valjevo

5.Bishop Nikolaj's Day, May, Lelić Monastery, Lelic village

6. Enduro Happening, May, Valjevo mountains

7.Desanka's May Talks, May, Brankovina village

8. Raspberry Day, the end of June, Brankovina village

9. Along the Healing Paths of Valjevo Mountains , in June, Podbukovi village

10. St. Peter's day, 12 July, Valjevska Kamenica village

11. Blackberry Days, the end of July, Stave village

12. Valjevo's Challenge in July, Valjevo mountains Adventure Race

13. Tesnjar Evenings in July, an event that fosters City folklore and ancient crafts

14. Flute Festival, July, Lelić Monastery – Lelic village

15.Jeep Rally, September, Valjevo mountains – Povlen

16. “Tobacco“ Scratchings Festival, October, Valjevo

17. Mushroom Days, October, Maljen - Medvednik

18. Kolubara Embroidery, October, Valjevo