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Collaboration Edition

Lighthouse Meeting at Fort Garrison

On Friday, Belinda, Melissa, and I participated in the Lighthouse Elementary Professional Development. The focus was on student communication, discussion, and collaboration. Have you ever thought about the difference between the them? It took some deeper thinking to conclude they aren't all the same and to be able to recognize how each looks and sounds.

The link below is what we shared to demonstrate some of the collaboration happening at JVE. Just a small sliver.

LH Schools Ideas for Collaboration


One Note to LH School Resources on Student Collaboration Ideas

Click the link above to see what other LH schools are doing to show collaboration and communication among their students.

(If it takes you to main One Note page, go to the Resource and Artifacts tab)

Our next faculty meeting...

will focus on a make and take of resources you can bring back to your classroom to foster collaboration and communication in your classroom...real live things, that you can use right away with your kids!

Low Tech No Tech Tools and Ideas

Low Tech No Tech Tools for Formative Assessments and Collaboration

I first saw this resource this summer at a STAT training I attended. I loved it and all of the great ideas. I think it is definitely worth taking a look. There are a lot of ideas on brainstorming strategies, formative and ongoing assessment strategies, and collaboration ideas that do not involve using the device.

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