Easter Island

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Easter Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is not that big. It covers roughly sixty-four square miles. Easter Island is near Chile's west coast, which is 2,300 miles away from Easter Island. Easter Island is also East of Tahiti which is 2,500 miles away from Easter Island.
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History of Easter Island

Easter Island looks like another Island in Polynesia called "Rapa Iti". Jacob Raggeven visited Easter Island on Easter Sunday and then Easter Island was named. Jacob Raggeven was the first European to visit Easter Island in Columbia and there is a lot of history behind Easter Island. Easter Island had many different names like "the pito o te henua" = the centre of the world and the other one is "mata-ki-te-rani"= "eyes looking at heaven"

Mysteries about Easter Island

Some of the statues on Easter Island may have been used for religious purposes. There was a magical spirit called " Mana". Most of the people that went to Easter Island thought that the statues were just heads because the bottom of the statues were in the ground. They could only see the heads of the statues. Scholars are unable to explain the meaning or the use of the statues for many different reason.
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Interesting Facts on Easter Island

Easter Island is about 25 km long and 12 km wide. About 5,880 people used to live there in 2012 but not a lot of people live there anymore. Easter Island isn't that very big of an Island. There are many statutes on Easter Island but the largest Statue was never finished and they have never went to finish it.

Moai Staute

The most famous features about Easter Island are it enormous stone statues called Moai. The moai statue is 14 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs 14 tons. Some moai statues can be even larger and be as tall as 33 feet and weigh 80 tons. Depending on how big the statue is they need 50-150 to drag the statues. They made sleds used out of island trees to carry the statues
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