Human Dependence Project


1. 2 main issues with Wildfires are that destroy many things like trees,homes and even humans if they are near. Also they destroy many acres of land.

2. The negative effects are that it destroys many trees, people lose their homes due to the fires.

3. These disasters are usually located in all 50 states, but they are most common in the west where heat, drought, and frequent thunderstorms are located.

4. The wildlife that is most affected are the animals that are located in the forest and where the wildfire is happening at.

5. Wildlife in the forest burn or some of the animals get out of the danger and are safe.

6.This issue could not really affect our lives because we do not have a lot of forests in our area which could not cause extreme fires.

7. Yes, many people are affected by this. This is because some people live in homes that are in forests and they could get killed and their homes could get destroyed or people who are hiking could get burned or killed.

8. Humans usually cause this disaster, it can be caused by people smoking cigarettes and being careless by throwing them onto the ground or adults or kids that play with fire.

9.Solutions to this problem are firefighters who help to put the fires out. This problem can most definitely be prevented by not playing with fire and to not smoke cigarettes in forests.

10. I think a solution could be to put strong automatic sprinklers that spray the area at different times to put any fire out. It would go in rotations to spread the whole area with water. I think this idea could be implemented because it could be really helpful.

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