S'MORE Pathways Summer Scholars

Welcome Back Session2 Week1

We had a wonderful start to our second session!

Parents thank you for helping us keep our students safe. We appreciate you all reading the student/parent handbook and adhering to our sign out guidelines. Our office is a busy place and we are working hard to ensure that each student is given our best. Here is a link to the handbook and please enjoy the rest of the newsletter to see how great SUMMER SCHOLARS was this week!

Student/Parent Handbook

READ TO ACHIEVE INFORMATION: • NC Read to Achieve LiveBinder for Parents

Information about RTA

North Carolina’s goal is to ensure that every student read at or above grade level by the end of third grade and continue to progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success.

Music and Science

K/1 has been studying space and astronauts. Our students have learned what astronauts do, who Mae Jemison was, and how to create their own comics about space adventures. They’ve also been exploring language arts through music! Mr.. Wilson the music teacher allowed us to have xylophone fun!

Big picture


We have been learning about astronauts and outer space. We learned about Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison. We wrote about what we want to be when we grow up (including astronauts). We learned how the earth orbits the sun which causes day and night. Students made mini replicas of the earth using homemade green and blue playdoh. We used our mini Earth to demonstrate the Earth orbiting the sun using coding through SAMS lab.

First Grade

1st Grade is off to a strong start! We have learned about astronauts and their jobs. We are still trying to decide whether we want to be one or not! We are working on writing opinions, building our fluency and learning all about our new Summer Scholar’s friends.

Third Grade

Third grade’s bond is strengthened daily, as we LOVE to share life’s experiences with each other. This week we couldn’t get off the subject of wild animals showing up in nearby communities (German Shepherd/Wolf Hybrids in Cedar Grove, the Zebra Cobra escape in Raleigh,the Black Bear near Rex Hospital, Billionaire spacecraft, etc.). What exciting CURRENT events! Language Arts this week has included listening, reading and writing about what it takes to become an astronaut and the exciting things they do in space. We wrote main ideas and details to support our thoughts. To accompany the informational text, we had some really nice illustrations! During the Smart Girls Enrichment this week students took on the role of a meteorologist! They created their own weather tools (thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, and anemometer) and used them to predict the weather. Our afternoon sessions with SAM Studios continue to be filled with coding systems together, explaining how each simulation works, and creating AMAZING prototypes. One of our favorite prototypes for the week was the “Solar Oven”. Students devoured the delicious sun- baked S’mores. We totally look forward to our next two weeks together!

Fourth Grade

Fourth Graders have been busy discussing extreme weather and natural disasters. We have focused on tornadoes, thunderstorms and hurricanes in our exploration. We have read, observed photos and watched videos of these weather events in action.

In Lego enrichment, students have been discussing the importance of recycling efforts on our planet. We toured a virtual recycling center and have built technology and vehicles currently used and being proposed to clean the oceans of plastic waste.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Enrichments are working hard on presentations to prepare them for the Sixth Grade! We shared our Endangered Animals presentations on Thursday!

Fitness with Coach McMullin and Mr. Wilson

Every morning the kids are eating a great breakfast then participating in our Lap Club. Students are challenged to walk/run around the track on our playground. For every 25 laps their names go up on the record board. Ask your kids how many laps they have completed!

The students are also doing morning fitness exercises. This week we focused on Jumping Jacks, Squats, and Washing Machine Twists. The children are timed and count how many of each exercise they can do in one minute.

This week, we also added a water event to keep cool in the afternoon. The kids get a little wet (but not soaked) and are enjoying a fun, refreshing game.

Thank you for a fabulous week!

Parents we are thankful for you and our students. Everyday we are striving to be great at giving the students experiences to remember. We have many challenges daily but we are always trying to get better. Please contact us if we can assist you in anyway. Have a wonderful weekend.