Andrew Jackson

I think that Andrew Jackson is a ZERO, not a hero.

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act helped make Jackson a zero and not a hero. I know that he was just trying to expand the country but kicking out Indians that were there before you is just plain wrong. These Indians were there own country because they had there own constitution and that is what the Supreme Court ruled so Jackson could not just kick them of of there own land. ZERO.

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was the outcome of the Indian Removal Act that was in forced by Andrew Jackson, this is partly why I think Jackson is a zero. The Trail of Tears was when Jackson removed the Indians from their land in the southeastern United States, so the United States could expand. During this long march to Oklahoma around 4,000 Indians died. I think that this is a big mistake during his presidency.

The Spoils System

The Spoils System was the system that Andrew Jackson used during his presidency. This system was that who ever supported Jackson could get a job in the government. In my eyes this is another reason that he is a zero. Jackson was the common man and so common people supported him, and some of them might not have a great education because they are not as wealthy has others. This means that stupid people could be holding big positions which would lead to bad decisions and could eventually ruin the country.This was also a bad choice to make him even more of a zero.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon (See Above)

This political cartoon is showing Andrew Jackson running from the country side with all his country stuff to Washington DC. Since Jackson was a common man when he grew up he is running from the country with his stuff that a common man might have A gun,jelly ,and a shovel. He also has a Law book, since he created the spoils system where anybody who supported him so this is showing that the common man might learn about law. It is hard to explain :).