1B Classroom Update

October 31, 2018

Parent Update

BOO! Hello 1B families! As October comes to a close and the cold weather starts to settle in, we are busy as ever in our classroom. We had many events going on such as, October birthday celebration, first trip to Fort Greene Park, and last but not least we celebrated our Halloween party! Have a happy and safe spooktacular Halloween weekend everyone!

Spook-tacular Costumes

Spook-tacular Learning


Our 1B friends have been working super hard to practice how to spell CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words in Phonics! We have begun our unit on consonant digraphs. A consonant digraph is two consonants that come together to make one sound. For example "s" and "h" together make the sound "sh." The five consonant digraphs we've been learning are: sh, ch, wh, th, and ck. When reading at home, you can practice tapping out words with consonant digraphs to help your child sound the word out. For example, the word "sh o p" has three taps even though there are four letters because there are only three sounds to the word.

Below is the link to our updated sight words. These are high frequency words, which means that they show up in our reading and writing most often. Most cannot be sounded out, therefore, students should memorize how to read and spell these words to help both their reading and writing progress in First Grade. Some ideas for practice at home are: making flashcards, writing them with special markers or on an easel, writing sentences using the words, or practicing spelling them in the car (out loud or written).




Lit Block

Our school-wide Lit Block has officially begun at BPCS! It's a big change from Kindergarten where Lit Block occurred only in the classroom. Starting this year, we are moving across classrooms in all grades in order to read with students on our same levels. That means that students of the same level are grouped together regardless of what grade they're in. We have Lit Block 4 times a week this year for 1 hour each.

Just a reminder that while some kids are aware of their reading level, other friends are not, so we try our best to not emphasize the "level" as much because we know that students can get self-conscious in comparison to other friends. It definitely gets harder as the kids get older since they like to talk and share information so we just let the students know that it's best to focus on self-improvement and progress no matter what anyone else is doing.


Math Block



immediate family vs. extended family


Closing Circle

Spook-tacular Marble Jar Party


Spook-tacular Gifts

Amazon Wishlist

We have created a 1B Amazon wishlist of classroom items we would love to have. If you choose to donate something, we want to thank you in advance and would really appreciate if you could tell us the itemized list in order to ensure that we receive the items. Thank you so much everyone!


  • First Grade trips to Fort Greene Park has officially started on Wednesday 10/31 from 11:15-12:30pm. We have set up a sign-up as we would love to have 2 parent volunteers to be present every Wednesday (weather permitting) that we go to keep these visits fun and safe. Please note that if and when the school decides that it is unsafe (due to weather conditions) to go to the park, we will refer to this sign-up sheet and reach out to you the morning of to inform you. Parent volunteers will meet us at Fort Greene Park from 11:15-12:15ish and here is more info regarding BPCS' park protocol and directions.

    1B Park Trip Volunteers

    Sign up to join us at Fort Greene Park on Wednesdays from 11:15-12:15pm!

    Park Trip Protocol

    Information on how to participate, park directions, safety, student behavior, and the park itinerary.


    • Each student now has access to an online reading site Raz Kids (www.kidsa-z.com) that is customized to each child’s reading level! We have sent login information home on Friday in your child's Take Home Folders. The login information sent home will give you step-by-step instructions. However, you can already access your child's account through the teacher username 1bclassroom. Each child's password is his or her first and last name (all lowercase letters e.g firstnamelastname).
    • We sent home yellow take-home folders with your child's work along with the RAZ Kids login information. Some of the work is not yet finished so please feel free to complete these at home with your child. We will be sending work home bi-weekly. Please make sure to send your child back to school with the empty folder by Monday so that we can send home other important flyers or student work. Enjoy checking out your child's hard work!
    • Our Wednesday Parent Volunteer Program begins on September 26th! Help out our school by volunteering from 8:30-10:30am on any or all Wednesdays from 8:30-10:30am at the BPCS downtown campus. See the sign-up for more details.
    Parent Volunteer Program

    Community volunteers will support staff and students in a variety of ways.

    Important Dates to Remember

    • Sunday November 4 - Daylight Savings Time ends
    • Tuesday November 6 - Election Day (No school)
    • Monday November 12 - Veterans Day (No school)
    • Thursday November 15 - Fall Curriculum Share (2:30-3:45pm)
    • Monday November 19 to Friday November 23 - Thanksgiving Recess (No school)
    • Friday November 30 - Narrative #1 sent home

    Contact Us

    Please feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns!