Investment Options

Which would you invest in?

Savings Account

You can take your money out at any time without penalty so a savings account is a very liquid asset, meaning it can be easily converted to cash! Because the Federal Government guarantees the safety of these accounts, they're considered to be a very low risk and also tend to pay a low interest rate. The first banking product people use!

U.S Savings Bonds

A bond is a formal agreement where the borrower, in this case the Federal Government, can use your money for a set perios of time and you, as a lender will get paid a specific amount of interest in return. Bonds can be held for up to 30 years and they also pay higher interest than savings accounts.

Money Market Mutual Funds

It is designed to be a stable way to save your money and earn potential income. Generally cinsidered to be pretty safe investments. Money market funds tend to earn higher interest rates than Money Market Deposit Accounts.


Having stock in a company means that you own part of that company. A company usually begins issuing shares of stock to raise money for reasons such as buying new equipment or hiring new employees. Over long periods of time, stocks tend to make more money than income investments.

Mutual Funds

Many investors like the afforadablilty and convenience of owning mutual funds instead of individual stocks and bonds. It offers investors an afforadable way to own share of many stocks, which is less risky than owning just a few shares. They are professionally managed by an investment expert and there is more than 6,000 mutual funds to choose from.