Famous Missourians

Our Missouri, Our History

Can you name a famous Missourian?

Missouri has had a lot of people that have made great contributions to the state of Missouri. During this project we will discover important facts about some of our famous Missourians.

State Historical Society

Choose a Famous Missourian and Write a Persuasive Letter

  1. Research the website.
  2. Choose a famous Missourian
  3. Write a persuasive letter to your teacher persuading her to choose your Missourian for your group.
  4. The letter should include the 5 parts of a letter.
  5. Proper punctuation, capitalization, and spelling should also be included.
  6. Include an opening, 3 supporting details, and a closing.
  7. Watch the videos below.

Remember these questions:

Who are you writing the letter to?

What do you want them to do?

What do they need to know in order for your request to be in their best interest?

Need Help?

How To Write A Letter Of Persuasion
Friendly Letter

Examples from Other Classrooms:

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Examples of Famous Missourians:

Research Your Famous Missourian


Research your famous Missourian. Use the research techniques you have learned so far this year.

Save any pictures, links, or notes you want to remember in your Google drive Missouri project folder.

Create a poster, flyer, or keynote about your famous Missourian. Your project should include the information listed below.

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of Birth and supporting information
  4. Date of Death
  5. Place of Death (if possible)
  6. How did they influence Missouri history?
  7. Important facts
  8. Provide at least 2 sources

The project should include:

  • correct spelling
  • proper grammar
  • neatness

Wax Museum

After your poster, flyer, or keynote is completed, you will make your Famous Missourian come to life. Complete the following:

1. Write a 1 page report in 1st person about your Famous Missourian. Include all the important facts you found during your research.

2. Dress up as your character.

3. Record yourself giving the report in iMovie.

4. Create a display for your wax museum presentation.

View Rubric

Our Unit Goals:


  1. I can use the correct English conventions and grammar when I speak and write.
  2. I can capitalize words correctly.
  3. I can write spoken words correctly using punctuation.
  4. I can use commas correctly in compound sentences and quotations.
  5. I can spell 4th grade level words correctly.
  6. I can use a dictionary to help spell words correctly.
  1. I can research using reference materials (ex. books, encyclopedias).
  2. I can research using technology.
  3. After researching, I can write on a topic using the information I found.
  4. I can write details from a story to support my interpretation of that story.
  5. I can write facts from informational text that support my interpretation of that text.

  6. I can find evidence in what I read to back up what I believe to be true about the text.
  7. I can retell important details from what I have read.
  8. I can recall important information from previous experiences.

  9. I can explain and cite the information that I find.

  10. I can take notes and organize my thoughts.

  11. I can put the information I find in order either by time or importance.
  12. I can write my thoughts and feelings about a topic or text in an organized manner.
  13. I can give reasons for my thoughts and feelings.

  14. I can write a conclusion.

  15. I can write and publish my own work using a computer.

  16. I can type at least one page fluently.

Speaking and Listening
  1. I can give a report or tell a story in an organized way, using important facts and descriptive details.
  2. I can speak clearly at an understandable pace.
  3. I can use details to support main ideas.
  4. I can include sound in my presentations.
  5. I can include pictures or video in my presentations.
Social Studies
  1. I can understand people and events in Missouri.
  2. I can understand famous Missourians and their contributions to Missouri.