NOMS Notes

October 14th, 2016

Coming Attractions

  • Oct. 17- 4:30 & 5:45: 8th grade volleyball at NOMS

  • Oct. 18- 4:30 & 5:45: 8th grade football at NOMS

  • Oct. 20- 7pm: Honor Band Fall Concert

Above the Line

"Relentless effort (not talent or intelligence) is the key to achieving great things in your life" - Urban Meyer

Administration would like to thank AVID for their work to make North Oaks even more beautiful! They have started a community service project called Trash on Tuesdays! Way to go AVID!

Administration would like to recognize Mr. Poston for highlighting another aspect of the SAAF from, using it recognize student achievement! Thanks Mr. Poston!

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Best Practices

Tonia Main to Arlene Treat: Thank you for your hard work on completing the Texas Education Agency required Term 1 Enrollment Verification Audit.

Student Success

Congratulations to Auriah Palmer and Daysi Fuentes for their excellent work highlighting Honduras in Mr. Poston's class.

Mr. Poston would like to recognize Victoria Alaniz for her PERFECT SCORE on her AP Spanish Test!

Catching Up With Dr. Klaerner

If you have any questions about T-TESS, please set a time to talk with your administrator. We will begin conducting appraisals soon, and we would be happy to answer any questions about the rubric or the appraisal process.

In case you missed this exciting news, the Board of Trustees approved a one-time bonus of $500 for all qualified full-time employees and $250 for all qualified half-time employees. You will see this bonus on your November check!

I hope everyone had an excellent short week with the students! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Klaerner