The New Improved Railroad

During the late 19th century, slavery was at an all time high. Every white man, woman, and child wanted themselves their own nigger. They did your daily chores, made your clothes, and cooked your super. What more could you ask for? However, of the minority, slavery was brutal nightmare. This coterie of people had to undergo brutal beatings, incriminating slander, and a lack of respect. They were not even considered human beings. They were below the minority. They were the suppressed and the inferior.
On one Sunday evening, a small pact of slaves had come to the conclusion that enough was enough and it was time to break free from the shackles of misery. At the break of dawn, they gathered together and created a blueprint for their escape. They had seen several failed attempts at running away and from that point on they made it a mission to be the first group of slaves to make it out. Long days and long nights of endless labor finally got them closer and closer to their goal. That goal was to build their own railroad and train. The operation was not easy nor was it it quick. I took ten years and a new generation of people to complete it. Upon adding the final touches, the slaves were greatly proud of themselves. They had an escape route with a fully functioning train station with a bar and refreshment station. They shaped the escape routes for the future and made running away both easy and luxurious.