Geothermal Energy

BY: Lauren Ferguson & Lizzie Harvey

We Think...

Geothermal energy is energy from the earth. We feel that it has great potential but that at this time, it is too costly and unexplored. It is also only available for newer modeled homes, and other buildings. A huge issue with geothermal energy is the price. Is it really worth paying all that money? Will you ever get your money back? The answer is not clear but we feel that the energy source should be improved before becoming a household item. More research should be done on this new alternative energy source before you bet your money and home on it.

Examples of Geothermal Energy


Although our stance on geothermal is against, some prospects are undeniable.

  • low pollution contribution
  • will work year round
  • 44% less energy consumed


Yes, it is now time for the cons...

  • more suited for new homes
  • does take electricity to power it
  • isn't available everywhere