Safety Data Sheet


Name- soheilorine

Symbol- SL

Atomic Mass-63 Kg

Discovered by- Mr. and mrs. Haftbaradaran

Occurrence-Rich deposits found studying and playing piano/listening to music.Low deposit found sitting and doing nothing.This element is stable at focusing at work

physical properties

  • Average hight, black hair with black eyes
  • This element boils when anyone tells it that it can't do something or being forced
  • Melts when he sees its parent and brother in grief
  • Can cause sadness if its favorite soccer team loses
  • Specimens can be found in various states:
1.Happy when his plans progress

2.Scared of failing in tests or get defeated in its activities

3.Angry when its job become multitask

4.Stubborn when someone challenge him

Chemical properties

• Is repelled by when the sky is cloudy

• Is attracted to success and making money in life,Always trying to be luxurious.

• May explode spontaneously when it looses internet connection or looses its phone

• Requires large number of hours listening to music and playing Piano

• Inert if near ocean or river among the nature or when resting in the bed

• Impervious to getting up early in Sundays