Colorful Coral

By: Eva Lanius


It may shock you to know that the hole-filled rock like substance known as coral is actually an animal and a vital part of the marine world. It’s very important to save coral while we have it. It's surprising to learn all about corals habitat, appetite, its body structure, and appearance.


Can you imagine a whole underwater world gest for marine animals. When I grow up, I hope to go see the Great Barrier Reef. I can only do that if you help save the reef. It can go so fast. It is so important to the marine world,o help save the Reef. One small change can make a big difference.

Go Fish

In this unit we got a fake budget of $250, to spend on a fake fish tank. We had to get everything that we would normally need for a fish tank. My theme was going to be a scary theme. I chose many betta fish that were not as colorful that would fit in my tank. I bought a sunken ship, a rock cave, black and white plants, and some red sea grass. I spent approximately $225 and had 16 inches of fish, which fit in my 20 gallon tank.

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