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Step by step guide to placing a CoPassion candidate.

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You Have Made a Great Decision!

Thank you for trusting God to make more Christ-centered laborers on the campus and the workplace. You are being faithful to make disciples like Jesus commanded in Matthew 28. Now is a great time to stop and pray that Jesus would send out even more laborers into the harvest. Luke 10:2.

Why do I need to sign up online? is our secure and private social network that lists open positions, candidate resumes and many other resources.

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Covenant Commitment

The purpose of this form is to gather basic information and set expectations for hiring interns and part-time employees. We have four commitments that you must agree to before starting. In addition, the form also has a section to indicate financial support to our ministry.

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(Journey, Mentorship or Internship)

Step 3

Now that you have signed up for and submitted your covenant form you just need to upload your job description under "Job Openings".