By Andrew

My Winter Vacation

Table of contents

Part One: Christmas

Part Two: New Years

Part Three: What H append? :(

Part Four: NOOOO!


Part One: Christmas

I had a great Christmas with my family. Of course we opened presents but the thing that made it special was that we could be together and that my dad could get off work to spend time with us a have a good day. We opened presents of course and had fun doing that and seeing the reaction on everyone's face it was just really fun. I got a lot of things but i'm going to list the things that I liked most: Pac Man, Epic mickey 2, and Lego Minecraft nether.

Part Two: New Year

My New year was great by great I mean about 30 people showing up for a New year's party great. We had a ton of fun we as in all the kids played minecraft PI and PE and had a great time. I played video games all night and had fun doing that of course. Then we watched the ball drop and everyone went crazy saying "HAPPY NEW YEAR" while i'm just sitting on the couch like i'm not even there. Everyone left after that but we had fun and then I went to bed.

Part Three: What Happened? :(

(You might not want to hear this part.) I woke up on my bed( ON NEW YEARS DAY!) and I started throwing up and did I mention i'm on top of a bunk bed so I had to climb out of bed down the ladder through the hall to my mom and dads bed room to tell them I threw up. They got up cleaned my bed got me a sleeping bag and I slept on the floor I went to bed and went back to sleep and didn't throw up again that night. In the morning I felt a little better and my mom and dad said I could drink a few sips of sprite every so often but I kept throwing up then late in the evening we went to the heath care place and the doctor told us what to do and I stopped throwing up. I got better the next day but then my brother started trowing up. He got better faster than I did but while he was sick my mom and I made chocolate waffles. They were delicious and we ate them all up before my dad came home he was a bit sad but he got over it fast.

Part Four: NOOOO!

My dad got sick the first day of school Tuesday. I was beginning to think that everyone was going to get this flu. My mom was probably going to be the next victim but it hasn't showed it's self yet so she'll be fine for a while I think.


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