Battle of Cambrai



  • November 20th, 1917
  • Germans won.
  • Generals were Julian Byng of Britain. And Georg von der Marwits of Germany


  • Allied Forces- 324 tanks 2 corps
  • Central Powers-1 corp
  • Tanks, Machine guns, Artillery.
  • Attacked in the morning.
  • Allied forces had a total of 44207 casualties.
  • Central forces had 45000 casualties.
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  • Cited as demonstrated the way future wars are fought.
  • you can visit the Louverval memorial to the missing.
  • you can stay at the Hotel de France to rest and eat.
  • Also you can visit Abbaye de Vaucelles
  • Also you can drink beer at Le Garage cafe.
  • Proville is the closest town to Cambrai.

some roads are

  • D960
  • D2643
  • D644
  • D630
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