Context Research

for Three Day Road & Through Black Spruce

A Tribe Called Red - Electric Powwow

Class Collage Assignment

As a class, you are going to create a bulletin board collage. But first, you have to work individually.

  1. Google one of the topics below.
  2. Read.
  3. (If you finish quickly, select another topic, as there will be more information about some topics than others.)
  4. Find an image which best summarizes what you have read.
  5. Write a 1-2 sentence summary capturing the gist of what you have read.
  6. Post your pics/summaries on the bulletin board.
  7. View the contributions of your classmates.

Topics to Google

  • WWI (Three Day Road)

  • PTSD (Three Day Road)

  • 1763 Royal Proclamation

  • land claims

  • treaties

  • British North America Act

  • Indian Act

  • residential schools

  • Northwest Rebellion

  • Metis

  • Louis Riel

  • Cree

  • Huron

  • Iroquois

  • Ojibwa

  • Anishnabe

  • Francis Pegahmagabow (Three Day Road)

  • Native right to vote in Canada

  • Calder case

  • James Bay agreement

  • Inuvialuit Settlement Act

  • Indian status

  • reserves

  • Oka crisis

  • Nunavut

  • Nisaga'a Treaty

  • Kelowna Accord

  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

  • Attawapiskat

  • Idle No More (Through Black Spruce)

  • morphine addiction (Three Day Road)

  • illegal drug trade/biker gangs (Through Black Spruce)

  • native stereotypes ("Indian princess") - Through Black Spruce

  • colonization

  • murders of Native women (Through Black Spruce)

  • Native youth suicide (Through Black Spruce)

  • vision/warrior quest

  • Native social structure

  • Canadian Military life (Three Day Road)

  • eros

  • thanatos

  • wendigo


K/U: Scope of research: Do you get the whole picture?

C: Ability to summarize research

T: Ability to use visual representation

A: Spelling, grammar, presentation skills