Emperor Penguins

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About Emperor Penguins

  • Emperor penguins are best known to be the tallest and heaviest penguins ever. They live in Antarctica and close by islands. The female and male are quiet similar in size reaching 122 cm and weighing from 22 to 45 kg. Their lifespan is 20 years tops and their speed under the water is from 6 to 8 km/h.
  • Their scientific name is Aptenodytes forsteri. The Emperor Penguins are the only species that stay in Antarctica during the winter. Penguins survive by relying on a number of clever adaptions.

Emperor Penguins are one of the largest and biggest types of penguins yet!

Their Breeding System

  • Emperor Penguins breed differently from other animals. But no animal breeds the same.
  • Once mated Emperor Penguins wait till the female's one single egg come's out. Once done so the male is given the egg to protect and to keep warmth while the female goes off and hunts. The male keeps the egg hidden under a patch of fur on his feet.
  • Once the female emperor penguins go off and hunt. The male huddle up in the circle to keep warmth. They all take turns being in the outside circle. That's how they keep warm.
  • After a nine week wait the eggs are hatched. The baby penguins still stay hidden beneath his fathers flab of warmth, The male feeds the baby a type of substance till the mother comes back.
  • Once the mom is back the baby penguin is handed over to his mother for feeding. The male who kept it warm and protective is hesitant. But he must give the baby penguin to the other so he can go and feed.
  • Once the baby penguin is secured with his mother the male goes off to feed. That's how the system of breeding works. They all cooperate as a team so the eggs can be warm and protected.

Baby Penguins Evolution!

Birth and March of Emperor Penguins

Birth and March of Emperor Penguins


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