Beartooth Briefing

December 2022

Important Dates for Your Calendar

Dec. 5: Facebook Live Read-Alouds w/Principal Niemeyer (7:45pm)

Dec. 6: Hearing Re-Screen for K & 1

Dec. 7: Dress Up Days Begin

Dec. 12: PTA Meeting 6pm - Beartooth Library

Dec. 15: Medicine Crow Orchestra Performance

Dec. 16: Movie Night 6:30-8pm - Beartooth Gym

Dec. 23-Jan. 2: Winter Break - No School

Jan. 3: Formal Attire for New Year Celebration

Jan. 9: PTA Meeting 6pm - Beartooth Library

*Please note that we dismiss ONE HOUR EARLY every WEDNESDAY; 1:28pm for grades K-3 and 2:10pm for grades 4 & 5.

Read Alouds

Mr. Niemeyer will have Facebook Live events each evening, starting near 7:45pm. Each book will be about Christmas as we count down the last 20 days to the holiday starting December 5th. There are a couple nights this first week that will have varied start times due to his own kids' events. However, please keep checking in as updates will be posted in the event the read-aloud will be later. This is a good time to get your children ready for bed (around 7:30pm) - jammies on, teeth brushed, gather on the couch with your phone, tablet or computer with a blanket, and listen to a fun story. You are encouraged to interact with questions and comments with each other AND online. It will be a fun 20 nights!

Dress-Up Days

We are trying to have some fun these 12 school days before winter break. Each day has a fun dress up idea. We would love to have as many participate as possible - certainly not required. Take a look at the picture below (also posted to Facebook, Seesaw, and sent to your email as an attachment) to see all of the fun ideas.

Big picture

Music Programs

This is a reminder that Mrs. Olson, our extraordinary music teacher, is out on maternity leave. She shared a video earlier in the year to inform everyone that she will not be with us over this holiday season. Therefore, we will not have a winter concert/performance that we usually have. However...keep the hope and love alive because she will have performances once she returns. Click HERE for a video from Mrs. Olson. Thank you!

Inclement Weather Protocols

This is just a reminder of our cold weather protocols. It is important to update your contact information as we use our robocall system to notify parents/guardians of bus delays and emergency situations as they arise.

Alternate Bus Routes:

Below please find a list of areas that are commonly checked during severe weather conditions. Past experience has confirmed that these areas are places where school buses have a higher probability of getting stuck in the snow, so alternate bus stops have been established for these areas. More alternate bus stops could be added depending upon severe weather conditions, and the ability of school buses to maneuver safely through neighborhoods and subdivisions.

At this time, we do not anticipate the need for alternative bus routes. However, please see the 2022 alternative bus stops in the case they are needed.

  1. Bobby Jones Blvd @ Park across from Vardon Pl - Yellowstone Country Club including Sam Snead Trl (RT 29, West High; RT 23, Arrowhead Elementary)

  2. Rifle Creek Trl @ Iron Horse Trl - Rehberg Ranch (RT 10, Skyview and Castle Rock Middle School; RT 73, Alkali Creek Elementary)

  3. Hwy 87 N @ Lorraine St - Hidden Lake Subdivision including Lorraine St (RT 1 Skyview and Castle Rock Middle School)

  4. Duck Creek Rd @ Fritz Rd – Fritz Rd @ S Keller Rd PM Stop (RT 11 PM, West High)

Alternate bus stops would not necessarily be limited to the above areas. Other areas could be included, depending upon weather conditions. Parents will be notified of alternate bus stops via local media, and automated phone calls no later than 6 a.m. on that day.

If the busses are using alternative bus stops, or if delays take place, we attempt to inform families and staff through a variety of ways. Communication with our Billings Public Schools’ families is paramount to our students’ and staff’s safety. Below is a brief list of resources parents may use to learn about alternative bus stops and other effects of adverse weather conditions.

  • SD2 Robocalls - automated telephone notification system notifies parents within 45 minutes of being launched. Parents need to be sure that all phone numbers are updated with their children’s schools.

  • Stay connected with local TV, radio stations, and the Billings Gazette.

Other Inclement Weather Tips:

  • Expect buses to run late and be prepared for this event.

  • Please wait at the bus stop with your children until the bus picks them up. Students need the ability to get out of the elements in the event the bus is late.

  • Observe the following winter safety tips with your students who walk to and from the bus stops or schools:

    • Dress appropriately for cold weather – sweaters, pants, winter coats, hats, scarves, socks, and boots. Even when on a bus, it may not heat well in extreme cold, may breakdown, or might even get stuck.

    • Allow extra travel time to get to the bus stop or school.

    • Wear bright jackets or coats so bus drivers can easily see you in the morning or evening.

    • Stand at least 10 steps away or back from bus stops. Buses need extra room to stop when there is snow or ice.

    • Do not walk or play on snow mounds or ice within 10 feet of the roadway – you can fall and slip into the roadway and be at risk of being struck by a vehicle.

    • Do not cross the street at your bus stop until all traffic has come to a complete stop and the bus driver has signaled that it is safe to cross.

While we attempt to make the best safety decisions for the entire district, we respect the fact that parents must make the final decision on whether their children attend school or not during severe weather conditions. Also, please discourage our high school students from driving in bad conditions and offer them alternatives if weather conditions worsen.

Finally, if you do not automatically receive the Superintendent’s Newsletter, you can register at This will allow you to receive important information during the school year.

Thank you,

Greg Upham
Billings Public Schools