Summer Math Mini Courses!

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The First 20 Days of Math Workshop & More

These 4 different Mini - Math Courses are specifically designed for Classroom Teachers, Resource Teachers, Title 1 Staff, Special Education Staff, Math Coaches and Administrators working in k-5 classrooms!

  • Learn how to launch Math Workshop with The First 20 days of Math Workshop!
  • Take your Guided Math Lessons to the Next Level with Guided Math 2.0!
  • Get Great Ideas in Kindergarten Math Bootcamp!
  • Start Math Running Records!

Summer Math Mini Courses are Here! (see various sessions)

Wednesday, June 15th, 12pm to Monday, Aug. 1st, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Session 1: Guided Math 2.0

Guided math is a great instructional strategy. In this mini-course we focus on how to take your guided math work to the next level. In this engaging, educational and resource-filled workshop, teachers will learn how to take guided math and math workstations to the next level. They will see how to create standards-based small group lessons that rock, workshop management strategies that work, and assessment tools that inform instruction! Dr. Nicki will teach about making guided math groups and math workstations integrating this structure with your current curriculum, leveling the guided math group activities and math workstations so that they make sense with each unit of study, and assessing throughout the year in ways that drive instruction. (Starts June 15th)

Session 2: Math Running Records in Action

In this Math Running Records Mini-Course, Dr. Nicki Newton will help you learn everything you need to know about effectively implementing Math Running Records. Through demonstration and hands-on practice, this workshop explains what running records are, how to administer and analyze them, and how to use them for ongoing classroom assessment to focus your teaching of small groups and individual students. Come learn how to personalize math instruction! Sign up today! (Starts July 1)

Session 3: Kindergarten Math in Action

Dr. Nicki is really excited about this Kindergarten workshop! In this workshop we will have deep conversations about grade level specific routines, strategies, workstations, word problems and assessments. You will leave this session engaged, excited and empowered for next school year. The Mini-Course is fast-paced, fun and full of ideas! (Starts July 15th)

Session 4: The First 20 Days of Math Workshop.

In this online session, Dr. Nicki Newton will help you to think about and prepare for the first 20 days of implementing a math workshop. In this 4 module session we will discuss planning for and implementing the first 20 days with engaging, standards-based activities, math anchor charts and assessments that reveal what you need to know! We will talk about strategies for setting expectations, building routines, norming behaviors, and creating procedures that will ensure success throughout the year. Building a "community of thinking mathematicians" in which students are engaged, enthusiastic and independent is more likely when "community building" has taken place in a purposeful and meaningful manner. (Starts August 1st)

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Details Details Details

When: These are pre-recorded 2 -3 hour courses. They can be viewed 24 hours a day. Each course has a start date. The course will be up for 1 month from the start date.

Cost: All courses are $99 If you take 3 or more courses you get a 10% discount.

Who: Classroom Teachers, Resource Teachers, Title 1 Staff, Special Education Staff, Math Coaches and Administrators working in k-5 classrooms!

Where: Anywhere. They are all online. Once registered, the participants will receive the course key the day before the course begins!

Why: To take your math instruction to the next level!

More Details

  • Duration 1 Month
  • Convenient - Available 24 hours - Anytime, Anywhere
  • Include real life classroom examples, ideas and activities
  • Discussion Thread
  • Educational, engaging, Informative
  • Pre-recorded
  • Dr. Nicki has Open Office Hours Once Month For Course Attendees

Additional Information

  • Courses have video clips
  • Digital Resources
  • Reflection Notepad
  • Action Planning Template
  • Certificate of completion