Christaan Huygens

by Hayley Sloan

Pre 1900

In 1655, Christaan Huygens pointed one of his telescopes towards Saturn with the intention of studing its rings, but besides the planet he saw that it also had a large moon, now known as titan.

Now we know that Saturns moon is refered to as titan.

Christan Hugyens used a telesope with his own lenese that he made to discover Saturns moon.

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Post 1900 - vogayer 1 & 2

On September 12 2013, Voyager 1 found a change in intersteller space, where ashes from long vanished stars float every three or so centimetres.

Everything voyager 1 & 2 find or see, they send back down to earth so everybody involed with the spacecrafts are aware of everything thats going on.

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